Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Oct. 16, 2000

Possible criminal activity reported in Lester Prairie

The Lester Prairie Police Department has received numerous complaints of thefts from unlocked vehicles within the city of Lester Prairie. Four reports of stolen property from vehicles were logged Oct. 8. Items taken included tools, toothbrushes, and a fifth-wheel brake device.

In addition, on Oct. 9, at approximately 1 p.m., the Lester Prairie Police Department took a report of a possible prowler/burglar in the area of Juniper St. N. A screen to a residence had been broken and an attempt was made to enter the house.

A possible description of the suspect involved was a young adult male, wearing black with a long, silver chain on his pants, possibly attached to a wallet; with short, possibly crew cut, blond or light orange hair. The suspect is approximately 6 ft.-11 in. tall, and 155 pounds. A possible vehicle involved is described as a 1989 blue Buick Park Avenue.

The Lester Prairie Police Dept. wants citizens to be aware of the possible criminal activity and asks that residents call 911 if they notice anything suspicious. It is also important for residents to lock their car and house doors when they are not home.

The Lester Prairie Police Department will be putting in many extra hours in an attempt to apprehend the suspects.

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