Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, May 31, 1999

Detour near LP begins June 1

By Gail Lipe
McLeod County Chronicle

Contractors, utility companies, city and county representatives, a railroad representative and the engineers met in Lester Prairie on Thursday for a pre-construction meeting for CSAH 1.

According to Skip DeMarais, Bauerly Brothers, Companies, traffic will be detoured beginning on June 1 when milling the old surface will begin.

"If we can, we will mill it one-half at a time," DeMarais said. It would take 10 days to mill the whole stretch of road at one time. If it can be done, milling it in two stretches would be better for the community.

The field office will be set up in the old Formative Engineering building. There was discussion about the possibility of setting up a lab at the field office for doing the ground testing. That would save some of the travel time, and time getting results back from St. Paul.

Bob Kaytor, McLeod County highway department, said the contract has not been presented to the contractor at this time. There are a couple of easement issues that are not settled but are expected to be soon.

An approximate schedule for the project was given by DeMarais. The silt fence will be in place the week of June 1. The sewer and water will begin approximately the first week in July and take until the first week in September. Highway 7 will be done in mid July and needs to be totally completed within 15 consecutive working days.

"We will be working 12 hour days five days a week," DeMarais said. "If it rains we will work six."

Pavement will be laid in mid October. The section to be paved this fall will run from north of 1st Street North, Lester Prairie, to the south side of the Depot property. The remainder of the paving, final landscape restoration and cleanup will be completed as early as possible in the spring of 2000.

Angela Litzau, the Depot, and Larry Russell and Dick Kiekhaefer, Lester Prairie Veterinary Clinic, asked if their businesses will be accessible during the construction.

Russell asked if the vet clinic could have access by opening up the approach at the end of Central Avenue, right across the street from the clinic.

Kaytor said they would have to talk to the city. Mayor Eric Angvall said it was not city property, so they would have to approach the property owner.

"If we need temporary access, do we have to find it ourselves?" Litzau asked. Litzau is interested in a temporary road to the back of the Depot.

Kaytor said it is the responsibility of the construction company to keep access open to their businesses at all times. He also said he would be willing to work with the businesses, but the businesses would have to do all the legwork.

"Get back to me with a proposal and I will definitely work with you," Kaytor said. DeMarais echoed Kaytor's statement.

The utility companies all discussed their individual needs during the construction. Some will have to move poles or dig lines deeper. They all agreed to work together during the process.

A project kick-off public information meeting will be announced.

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