Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, June 7, 1999

LP students tell about their messy rooms

Students in the challenge language arts class for fourth through sixth grade students at Lester Prairie School were recently given the assignment of writing a creative essay explaining why their room was messy.

Jungle room

By Anne Kiekhaefer, sixth grade

When my mom came home, she said, "Anne, you better have a good explanation for this!"

I said, "I do. I came home from school and found a picture of a jungle on my wall. The jungle had lions, tigers, emus, pigs, elephants, a moose, a linx, cockatoos, a fox, monkeys, and a lot of other animals. I started to scrub it off, but I fell into the picture.

"Suddenly, all of the animals came to life. They all started growling and looked hungry. They chased me around until I found a picture of my room on a tree. I touched it and instantly, fell back into my room. The animals followed me and started to tear apart my dresser, and then jumped on my bed. Then, they tried to get out, but I stopped them.

"You better be glad that I didn't let them get out or the whole house would look like this! They got into my closet while I tried to scrub off the picture. Finally, I scrubbed off all of the picture and the animals disappeared. But my room was still a mess."

Mom said, "Yeah, right!" and then left.

Messy room

By Kaleh Berrier, fifth grade

One day, I was sitting in my clean room talking on the phone when five little elves jumped through my window.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Hamlet, Bubba, Ed, Herman, and Rumpelstiltskin," they replied, introducing themselves."

"Wow, real dwarves!" I exclaimed.

"Shut up, stupid!" cried the little man called Herman. "We don't do that Snow White thing! Those Seven Dwarves are so sissy!"

"Elves then?" I asked.

"No way. Do YOU want to spend your lives slaving over a fat guy?" cried Bubba.

"Well, then, what are you?" I questioned. "Munchkins?"

The one named Ed lunged at me, but I ducked.

"Hey, easy on the nicknames, Missy, 'cause you're not in Oz. We're knomes," replied Hamlet, holding Ed back by the shirt collar. "Anyway, we're here on a mission!"

"What's that?" I questioned.

"To steal the Keebler Elves Fudge Cookie recipe!" cried Bubba.

"Yeah, so hand it over!" shouted Rumpelstiltskin.

"B-B-But I don't have it!" I explained.

I knew I shouldn't have said that. They seemed pretty determined to get that recipe.

"What?" they all shouted in unison. "That's it! We've come all the way from underground to steal this tasty recipe, and you don't have it? You'll be sorry!" shouted Herman.

The elves, I mean, knomes, started throwing things all over my once clean room, then jumped out the window.

When my mom got home, she gave me a nasty look. I gave her a nasty look right back.

"This is your fault!" I told her.

"What?" she raised her voice at me (the kind of mother warning tone that every child fears). Still, I stood my ground.

"We don't have any Keebler Elves cookies!" I cried, still knowing that I would never see the light of day again. Mom would never believe me. I knew if I'd had the cookies, my room would be clean.

So this is a note to parents everywhere: If you keep a supply of Keebler Elves cookies in your home kitchen, your house will be spotless.

Mom, my room is a mess because . . .

By Rachel Kyllo, fourth grade

"Jeannie, our next door neighbor, has a pet komo dragon and it escaped from its leash when she was giving it a walk. It scrambled up the downstairs window (which was open for ventilation).

"Then it went up the stairs. It came into my newly cleaned room, where I told him to "shoo." It said back, 'You, or else.'

"I ran to call you, quickly locking the door behind me. When I couldn't find you, I frantically ran to the kitchen to find something to lure it outside.

"I found some leftover chicken nuggets. I grabbed them and ran back to my room. I started to make a trail of nuggets leading out of the room when he gobbled up his first one. He started to miraculously disappear, and then he was gone.

"So, Mom, tell everybody to stock up on chicken nuggets, because I just overheard that Jeannie's mom is leaving right now to get five more komo dragons for Jeannie to have as pets."

The messy room

By Kate Henning, fifth grade

I was lying on my bed reading a book, when I heard something coming from the barn. I thought I was just imagining things, so I went back to reading my book.

Then I heard a big crash coming from the barn. I knew I wasn't imagining that, so I hurried out to the barn. When I opened the door, I saw that some movie star pigs were running loose, and the barn was mess!

When the pigs saw that the door was open, one pig said, "Come on John Trovolta, Olivia Newton John, Adam Sandler, and Lucille Ball, the door is open, let's go!" They ran out the door to the house. I ran after them.

They ran up the stairs into my bedroom. I didn't see where they went, so I had to search the whole house. Ten minutes later, I heard a movie camera's wheels upstairs. So I ran upstairs. I looked in my room and. . . Oh my gosh! My room was a television studio!

My work table, by the windows, was their stage, my bed was the audiences' seats. They used my closet for backstage, and they used my clothes for the show.

One of the pigs said, "Ladies and gentlemen, the show you are about to see is called, 'The Movie Star Classics.'"

The show started. The movie was filled with big movie stars from the 1900s.

After the show was over, all the pigs went backstage. Then they heard my mom come in the door. When she were in the kitchen, they zoomed out the door into the barn. "That's how my room got to be so messy," I said.

My mom said, "I don't believe you."

I said, "It's true."

My mom said, "Whatever. Now, clean your room."

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