Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, February 8, 1999

Trail's gap in Winsted may be closed

DNR Trails and Waterways Area Technician Joe DeJaeghereDeJaeghere updated the Winsted City Council Tuesday on the Luce Line Trail and connecting the trail's gap in Winsted.

DeJaeghere said progress has been made and property owners Dan and John Entinger are "interested sellers."

He also said the Millerbernd Manufacturing is interested in leasing and selling land necessary for the deal. Another land owner, Reuben Roos, is also either interested in leasing or selling, he added.

DeJaeghere's biggest concern is the airport. According to correspondence he has had with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the city has a plan on the books to pave the airport runway. That is also indicated in the city's current capital improvement plan.

DeJaeghere said the trail can go by the airport as planned. However, if the runaway is paved and enlarged for larger planes, the trail would be in the airport's fly zone. That would not be acceptable to the FAA.

DeJaeghere said that the DNR would not be interested in purchasing land that would become useless to it.

While he was looking from a letter from the council to indicate that the city would not pave the runway, City Attorney Fran Eggert said the city could not make such a promise.

The council did say if the airport were to be adapted, it would probably have to be moved. This is because the runway would have to be tilted to not face directly east and west. The airport could not fit amongst all the industry it is near now if it is enlarged.

The council also said that the reasons why the airport improvement is included in future plans was because it made additional aid available to the city.

Another issue the DNR is concerned about is a city easement to the south of Winsted on the Entinger property.

Currently, the city has an agricultural easement on the land that would prevent the DNR from placing a trail there.

The council said that changing that easement would not be a problem.

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