Herald and Journal, June 19, 2000

3rd & 5th grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment test results

Math and reading scores rose statewide for third and fifth graders, but went down slightly on the writing test which only fifth graders take.

The tests, which were taken in March, are scored on four levels.

According to the Department of Children, Families and Learning (CFL):

Level 1 - gaps in the knowledge and skills necessary for satisfactory work.

Level 2 ­ Most students in Minnesota fall within this level. It includes a wide range of students, from those with partial knowledge adn skills to students who are increasingly proficient with grade level material.

Level 3 - Students at this level are working avoe grade level. Many are proficient with challenging subject matter.

Level 4 - Students at this level demonstrate superior performance, well beyond whiat is expected at the grade level.

Following are the results of area schools, expressed as a percentage of students in Level I through Level IV, left to right.

Holy Trinity Schools of Winsted did not take the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments.

MCA test results 2000

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