Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, January 11, 1999

McLeod County organizes for '99

By Russell Victorian

The McLeod County Board of Commissioners re-organized for the new year at Tuesday's board meeting, selecting Commissioner Sheldon Nies as the 1999 county board chairman and Commissioner Grant Knutson as the vice chairman.

The 1999 county board meetings will continue to be at 9 a.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, except for some changes in March, June, August and December. The board decided to continue its night meetings.

The official county newspaper will be the Glencoe Enterprise, with a bid of 1 cent per column inch. The county awarded a second publication of the financial statement to The Bulletin of Brownton and Stewart.

Sheriff Wayne Vinkemeier, who was sworn in earlier that morning, appointed Mark Taylor as his chief deputy. His appointment was approved by the county board.

Several committee members were appointed or re-appointed for 1999, including

- Agriculture inspector: Al Koglin.

- Board of adjustment: Richard Schmidtbauer, Wayne Burke and Donna Wahl.

- Board of health: All five commissioners.

- Civil service: Loren Jilek.

- Extension: Charlene Buckentin, LeRoy Leopoldo Ramerez, Commissioner Bev Wangerin and Commissioner Sheldon Nies.

- Housing Redevelopment Authority: James Mills.

- Hutchinson area joint planning: Robert Anderson, Jon Christensen, LeRoy Schmandt, Dave Plamann, William Arndt and Richard Schmidtbauer.

- Individual sewage treatment systems (ISTS): Warren Klammer, Carlie Karg, Ken Polifka, Ruben Michaeletz, Donald Albrecht, Robert Heil, Richard Schmidtbauer, Roger Karstens, Jim Hueser, Herman Miller, Commissioner Ray Bayerl, Joe Neubauer, Ed Homan - ex officio, Roger Berggren - ex officio and an enviromental Technician.

- Long-range planning: All commissioners; Francis Burch, Lester Prairie; Ed Doring, Hutchinson; Charles Warner, Brownton; Ernie Bullert, Glencoe; Lorin Pollmann, Hutchinson; and Don Albrecht, township association.

- Noxious weeds appeal: Wayne Burke and Commissioners Mel Dose and Bev Wangerin.

- Park commission: Gene T. Jeseritz.

- Pioneerland Library system: Commissioner Grant Knutson and Floyd Sneer.

- Planning advisory commission: Warren Klammer and Bayerl.

- Public Health Nursing advisory: Diane Horstmann, Margaret Benz, Jon Braband, Knutson and Wangerin.

- Safety: Nies, county administrator Nan Crary, Rhonda Zajicek, Gregg Wacker, Patrick Schommer, Kevin Mathews, Wayne Rosenfeld, Koglin, Kathy Nowak and Sarah Smock.

- Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC): Becky Felling, Public Health; Rick Kjonaas, highway engineer; Kevin Kubasch, solid waste hauler; Warren Klammer, farmer; Galen Witte, solid waste hauler; Randy DeVries, city of Hutchinson; Phil Schweizer, Spruce Ridge Management; Richard Wanzek, 3M; Roxy Traxler, county household hazardous waste facility coordinator; and Lyle Koehler, Duane Pagenkopf, Lyle Talley, Orville Mackenthun, Fred Prieve, Duane Yurek, Gerald Harris, fourth district commissioner with the county board chair as the first alternate and the county board vice chair as the second alternate.

- Water plan task force: Warren Klammer, Ryan Freitag, Skip Quade, Virgil Voigt, Edmund Ehrke, Gerald Harris, Curt Rutske, Sandy Jerzak, Lee Sundmark, Joe Neubuaer, Jean Johnson, Knutson, Berggren, Homan and an environmental technician.

- Water planning (subcommittee on feedlots): Knutson, county board; Schmidtbauer, planning commission; Hueser, planning commission; Voigt, conservationist; Dean Oleson, farmer; John Breene, agriculture business; Berggren, county environmentalist; Neubuaer, extension agent; and Homan, zoning administrator.

-Wetlands technical: Knutson, Kjonaas, Tom Fischer, Berggren, Freitag, Neubauer, Quade, Voigt, Klammer, Leonard Pikal, Oleson, Jerzak and Cindy Schultz.

The 1999 per diem for citizen member committee work will be $60 a day or $35 up to 4 hours, and the mileage reimbursement for committee members and county staff will be 32.5 cents each mile.

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