Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Aug. 9, 1999

New painting at Pantry

Pantry painting

Annie Evans stands before her acrylic black and white painting, entitled "Winsted: Way Back When." The painting hangs at the Pantry Cafe in Winsted.

Owner Elaine Gueningsman commissioned the work that depicts Winsted's Main Street circa 1940s.

Evans has her own studio called Studio 91, named after the 91st Psalm. Evans typically paints on discarded items such as shingles, pans, saw blades, and whatever else she gets her hands on. The subjects range from wildlife to florals.

The freehand painting of Winsted was done from a photo and was a bit of a departure from her usual subject matter. Evans has been painting for16 years and is self-taught. Another painting of the old bandshell that used to be at Mill Reserve Park is in the works.

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