Herald and Journal, May 1, 2000

Unclaimed property in Dist. 20B listed

Rep. Tony Kielkucki, R-Lester Prairie, has announced that a number of citizens or businesses in legislative district 20B have money or property exceeding $100 on the Department of Commerce's unclaimed property list.

The commerce department lists the rightful owners of state-held, unclaimed property on its Internet Web site.

If your name is on the following list, call the commerce department at 800-925-5668 to reclaim what belongs to you. You will need to refer to the property identification number listed with your name.

Tracy Benson, Box 201, Montrose, property ID# 568475;

Daniel Dethmers, 487 Montrose Lane, property ID# 593860;

Eric Drollinger, P.O. Box 73, Winsted, property ID# 558410;

Scott Dodd, 122 First St. N.E., Young America, property ID# 594874

Chad Guggemos, 21042 Hwy. 261, Lester Prairie, property ID# 568820;

Wallace Goethke, Norwood, property ID# 596409;

Paul Hanes, 413 Territorial St., Watertown, property ID# 596411;

Orville Hendricks, 829 Southview SE, Watertown, property ID #560012;

John Johnson, 821 Sixth Ave., Howard Lake, property ID# 594459;

Glenn and Janice Kuck, 219 Westgate Dr., Winsted, property ID# 567647;

Darrell and Dennis Lachermeier, Rt 1, Box 189, Howard Lake, property ID# 594090

Katherine Millerbernd, 8744 Dempsey Ave., SW, Waverly, property ID# 594775;

Todd Moe, Box 138, Watertown, property ID# 555952;

Hilton Mesenbring, Box 696, Lester Prairie, property ID# 598098;

Gloria Martinez, 100 Poplar Ridge Dr., #1007, Young America, property ID# 590491;

Tami Obrycki, 13641 State Hwy 24, South Haven, property ID# 569805;

Randolph Peterson, Box 625, Cokato, property ID# 555993;

Paul Palmer, Box 398, Howard Lake, property ID# 555985;

John Paro, First Bank E., P.O. Box 705, Howard Lake, property ID# 566010;

Keith Pickering, 10084 Cty. Rd. 24, Watertown, property ID# 594658;

Paula Sundt, P.O. Box 641, Cokato, property ID# 569489;

Snyder Drug, 732 Sixth St. S., Howard Lake, property ID# 562238;

Melvin Sprengler, 3326 U.S. Hwy. 212, Plato, property ID# 567111;

Arthur Schlagel, RR 1, P.O. Box 46, Winsted, property ID# 565739;

Allen and Patsy Schug, P.O. Box 983, Watertown, property ID# 589746;

Mochael Schulenberg, 10710 Swede Lake Rd., Watertown, property ID# 597362;

Michael and Roxanne Simonds, 17849 St. Hwy. 261, Lester Prairie, property ID# 577309;

Randi Smith, Rt. 1, Box 123B, Lester Prairie, property ID# 590405;

Gladys Smigleski, P.O. Box 254, Silver Lake, property ID# 568371;

Lydia and Mary Teborg, 11125 Salem Ave., Young America, property ID# 593949;

Dale and Dorothy Wiegert, P.O. Box 16, Howard Lake, property ID# 590554;

Ronald Wagner, Lot 95, Montrose, property ID# 568100;

Jim Wasnalas, P.O. Box 73, Winsted, property ID# 558410;

Jon Wren, 605 Stevens St., #682, Watertown, property ID# 592762.

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