Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Aug. 9, 1999

Red's employee beaten, money stolen

By Andrea Vargo

The tranquility of a relatively, violence-free community was ripped apart early July 31, as Jason Rasmussen was brutally attacked by three men in back of Red's Family Restaurant.

Rasmussen, a 10-year employee of Red's, owned by Bill and Gloria Strandquist, was taking out the garbage shortly after 4 a.m.

Three men attacked Rasmussen and beat him with a metal object, possibly a pipe, said Red's owner Bill Strandquist.

He stated that Rasmussen was struck at least nine times, breaking a cheek bone and other facial bones. Teeth were lost and others loosened, he said.

Howard Lake Police Chief Mike Simmons said a witness heard the ruckus and came on the scene with a baseball bat in hand. The attackers scattered.

But not before one of them had entered the building and stolen two change bags from the restaurant, said Strandquist.

According to authorities, Rasmussen was taken to Buffalo Hospital and transferred to North Memorial Hospital for extensive facial surgery.

Simmons said the robbery and assault are under investigation by local and county authorities.

He also commented that it is very unusual for violence against people to happen in Howard Lake. Crimes in the community are mostly against property, such as thefts or vandalism, he said.

If anyone knows anything about the incident, they can call the Howard Lake Police Department at 320-543-3111 or the Wright County Sheriff's Office at 612-682-1162.

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