Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Feb. 7, 2000

HT fourth graders lose homework to robot

Here's an excuse that Holy Trinity fourth grade teacher Connie Kozitza has not heard before, "My robot ate my homework."

The fourth graders wrote about this idea in their writing class recently. Here are a few of their creative stories.

Kayla Thonvold: Once, I made a robot for science class. When I was done using it for science, I took it home.

I feed my robot paper to eat. I told him the only paper he could not eat was my homework paper. My robot does my math homework for me.

I was doing my homework; then, I went downstairs to get a drink. When I got back upstairs, my homework was gone. I was searching all day for my homework.

A few days later, my robot got sick with the Y2K bug. When I was watching TV, my robot threw up, and guess what he threw up ­ my homework.

Karissa Remer: My robot ate my library book. One day, when I got home from school, it was my birthday. On the table was a robot and it was my birthday present and I got to pick what he ate and what time he ate. I picked that he ate fruit when I got home from school. He would eat at 2:30.

One day, when I got home, I gave him some grapes, but I forgot to pick them off the branch type thing so he ate the branch part too and got the Y2K bug.

The next day, I forgot to feed him and I was doing my homework and the phone rang and I went to get it. When I came back, my homework was on the ground, on the floor, and I picked it up and I noticed my math paper was gone. I looked everywhere.

I remembered I had to take my robot, Stacy, to the doctor, and when we got there, they did an x-ray. When they were done, they asked me why he was eating paper.

I said, "He wasn't, what did the paper look like?"

The doctor said it had math problems on it. Oh no, he ate my homework.

The next day I went to school. I got in big trouble.

Brooke Schaust: One day, I was doing my report on robots. At 3:00, I went upstairs for a snack. I made smores. While I was eating, I heard a sound coming from my room. lt was the sound of paper crumbling.

I was the only one home, so noone could have turned on my robot, "Amy." I ran downstairs to see what was going on. I looked on my desk. My report was gone. My robot was moved.

I went to bed because I was so depressed. The next morning, I found out that my robot ate my homework and got the Y2K bug. I went to school and when we passed in our reports, the teacher asked me where mine was.

I said, "This isn't an excuse, but my robot ate my homework."

The class laughed at me. I was so embarrassed. When I got home, I did my homework and waited until my mom got home. When she got home, we ate supper. Then, I told her about my robot and what happened at school.

We did the dishes and then, I went to bed. The next day, everything was normal.

Kristin Kahle: One time, my brother Tony had to make an invention for science. So, he thought of some things, but they were already invented.

But then, he thought of something that was already invented, but it was different. It was very, very smart. It took him five months to make a robot.

We named him Smarty because he was very smart. He lived downstairs in the wood room. Sometimes, he would eat wood for a snack at night.

One time, I asked Smarty to do my homework. He said, "Okay."

So my sister, Lauren, and I went outside to play in the snow. When we came in, my homework was gone.

I asked Smarty first. He said, "Well, first, I finished it; then, I ate it for a snack."

Then, one morning, he came up and said, "I don't feel good." He had the Y2K bug sickness.

One day, Smarty came up and he said, "Good-bye," and all his gizmos popped out. He died.

Krystle Radtke: One day, I woke up to a cloudy sky and my robot was bringing me my homework. I started to go through it. Then, I realized my science homework was missing. I couldn't find it anywhere.

When I went to school that day (and to my disgust), we had science right away. Then, I realized that my robot ate my homework! I tried to tell my teacher that my robot ate my homework.

But she said, "A robot doesn't eat homework!"

But I didn't believe her because I forgot to feed Census that night and he was probably hungry. When I came home, Census was eating my mom's money. Census was going berzerk; then, he blew up. There was paper everywhere. I bent down and there, lying right in front of me, was my homework.

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