Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Aug. 23, 1999

Changes keep happening at Sand Bar and Grill

By Andrea Vargo

The Sand Bar and Grill is adding a chili fest to its outdoor activities Sunday, Sept. 19.

There will be vendors with many varieties of chili and the German restaurant in Montrose will bring goulash, Larry Mattson.

New owners, Mattson and Bruce Arnold, both of Howard Lake, are excited about the new event.

The men purchased the business May 17. Now they say they are sort of settled in, and that they have made some changes already.

Arnold, who was one of the owners of Performance Mailers in Cokato, has management experience.

Mattson used to be one of the owners of the restaurant, when it first became the Garden Spot.

Some of the changes to the menu reflect his previous experience, and he said the menu is closer to what it was several years ago. People have asked for it, he said.

"We have brought back daily lunches, too," he said.

A fresh coat of paint inside and outside is a priority, said Mattson. They have also redecorated the upstairs banquet area.

"We plan to move the main dining area upstairs. It has a kitchen, but doesn't have a charcoal grill, yet," Mattson said.

Arnold said they want to do several outdoor events each year, and some have already taken place.

They have had music outdoors with the recent rib fest, and also on Memorial Day, he said.

The new owners plan a party for New Year's Eve, 2000, but at this point it is still in the planning stage, said Arnold.

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