Herald and Journal, Nov. 8, 1999

School board election results


A total of 337 ballots were cast in the District 2687 school board election Tuesday with six candidates (all incumbents) seeking five available seats.

This was one step in the process of reducing the size of the board since the consolidation of the Howard Lake-Waverly and Winsted districts.

Incumbents Jim Fowler, Eugene Lorentz, Jim Raymond, Charles Weber, and Ken Zimmerman return to the board for four-year terms. Incumbent Carol Fury was dropped from the board.

Vote totals were:

  • Jim Fowler - 255
  • Jim Raymond - 246
  • Eugene Lorentz - 227
  • Charles Weber - 216
  • Ken Zimmerman - 192
  • Carol Fury - 180

Lester Prairie

Voters in the Lester Prairie School District approved an increase in spending in Tuesday's referendum.

Voters were asked if they would be in favor of raising the district's per pupil spending by $415 over 10 years.

Of the 513 votes cast, the referendum received 316 in favor of the increase, and 197 against. It is estimated that 513 votes make up about 40 percent of the registered voters in the district.

The election also saw votes cast for school board members. With three seats open, all three candidates on the ballot won. Vote totals were:

  • Nancy Krull - 435
  • Robert Remer - 416
  • Barry Kyllo - 388

Kyllo and Krull are incumbents. Remer will be replacing retiring Board Member Murl Kletscher in January.

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