Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Nov. 29, 1999

Parade grand marshal has given a valuable commodity to Winsted: time

By Luis Puga

What didn't he do?

That question, in the case of Martin Schauer, would be easier to answer than what he has done in Winsted.

Since arriving in 1948 with his wife Viola, Martin Schauer has sat on just about every board, commission, etc., that Winsted has to offer.

So when an ailing Schauer had to curb much of his extra-curricular activities because of health reasons, it seemed fitting that the Winsted Civic and Commerce Association would choose him to be this year's grand marshal for the Winsted Winter Festival parade.

Schauer said it was an honor to be chosen. With a smile, he admitted he was also a grand marshal for the Winsted Legion Festival parade some years back.

The honor is definitely deserved. Schauer came to Winsted with an extensive background in creameries. He began his work Pure Milk Products, now known as Dairy Farmers of America.

After 22 years there, he moved to Sterner Lighting for 12 years. He eventually retired in 1982.

But Schauer never sat still. He spent nine years as the treasurer at St. John's Lutheran Church. He also spent three years as an elder there.

A veteran, Schauer was quartermaster for Lake Mary VFW Post 9232 for 18 years. He also spent 10 years on the post's board of directors.

Schauer also served as treasurer of the Senior Nutrition Program sponsored by Martin Krueger Legion Post 407 of Winsted, and treasurer of a Last Man's Club.

Schauer has also been a part-time officer for Winsted, and was an officer for the Blue Note Ballroom as well.

His resume also includes the planning commission, the park board, the fire board, the accident review board, and the board of directors at Linden Wood Apartments.

Viola observes that her husband was often at a meeting.

As for Schauer, he said, "I enjoyed every bit of it." So much so, he can't pick one experience that was his favorite.

Now, Schauer has had to cut back on his community work, noting that it's harder for him to get around. He said he can't do the city justice and wants to step aside so someone else can take over.

Getting around has always been a part of life for both Martin and Viola, indicated by three racks full of spoons from various trips.

Schauer proudly said he and his wife has traveled to 43 of the states in the country, plus many countries in Europe.

Of all the trips, Schauer enjoyed Alaska the most, observing that he saw things there that one couldn't see anywhere else in the world.

Still, Schauer's extensive list of volunteerism throughout Winsted speaks to a genuine affection for his home. He admits he was always selected and elected for these positions, and, in his own words, "They got me roped in all over."

But in effect, Schauer can look at Winsted's development and see pieces of himself. Even right down to the horseshoe courts he saw installed in Hainlin Park.

In that spirit, he encourages others to do the same.

He believes participation by individuals in the city's growth can only help Winsted. He added that he sees good plans for the city in the future from the planning commission.

Schauer said he's a serious thinking man, with his wife adding "sometimes a little too serious."

But if Schauer was very serious during his board and commission days, it was simply to get the job done, as he said. Now, Schauer has the slight smile on his face of a man who knows that he has done a lot.

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