Herald and Journal, Aug. 23, 1999

New legislation means more teachers for elementary grades

By Andrea Vargo

The new legislation from both the state and the federal governments may help the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) School District reduce class sizes at the elementary level, Superintendent Riley Hoheisel told the school board last Monday.

Hoheisel said the money is specifically targeted for class size reduction.

The state funds for HLWW will be about $20,000 and must be used for grades one, two, and three. Included in this area is music and physical education.

When those areas meet the funding requirements, excess money can be targeted to grades four, five, and six.

Federal money available for HLWW schools totals more than $40,000 and can be used in the same first to third grades.

The board agreed the principals should apply for these extra federal dollars to assist in class size reduction. This should mean two to three new teachers in an area that is proven to make a difference in a child's proficiency in school, said Hoheisel.

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