Herald and Journal, Nov. 20, 2000

Victor Township upholds land use policy; rural school site is out of the running

By Lynda Jensen

The Victor Township Board unanimously decided against changing its land use policy to accommodate a potential new school last Monday.

The decision effectively blocks using property in the center of the township, although the township board left the door open for two properties: the Ray Fiecke property 1/4 mile north of Winsted city limits and the Edna Frank property, which touches Howard Lake city limits near the Howard Lake cemetery.

"We prefer to stay as a village," Township Board Chairman Burton Horsch said. The decision was the desire of most township residents from his experience of visiting with them, he said.

The HLWW School District Site Task Force completed its purpose and is done now, Superintendent Riley Hoheisel told the Herald and Journal.

"Hard questions have been asked and answers to those hard questions have been given," Hoheisel said.

"There were never any hidden agendas," Hoheisel said.

"The main thing is that we continue to look for acceptable locations," said Randy Heuer, school board and task force member.

Heuer was present at the township board meeting along with school board and task force member Charles Weber.

The decision made by the Victor Township Board legally negates the Gordon Dalbec property, Hoheisel said.

The Dalbec property is located on the south side of Wright Clounty Rd. 30 and just east of Wright County Rd. 6.

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