Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Oct. 2, 2000

Waverly planning senior housing

By Andrea Vargo

A proposed senior housing development is the focus for the Waverly Economic Development Authority, and the committee decided to start promoting the housing units as soon as possible.

Even though the plans for the building are not started, some preliminary information was made available to the public at the Montrose-Waverly business expo in Waverly Saturday.

Lori Kuschel, who was instrumental in the promotion and development of Eagle Creek Villas in Maple Lake, was on hand to show prints and floor plans of Eagle Creek Villas to the group.

She said she had been approached by two Waverly residents long before the EDA took on this project. The residents wanted to know if something like Eagle Creek is possible in Waverly.

Kuschel was drawn into the Maple Lake project because she was trying to find a place for her parents to live in town.

Kuschel said that many older people want to stay in their home town, if they can.

The lot in Waverly is similar in size and configuration to the one in Maple Lake, and will be designed for 15 or 16 units.

It could be designed so seniors will not have to go outside to socialize with their neighbors or take out their garbage.

Cars are in a heated garage connected to the rest of the facility, she said.

Seniors want to keep their independence, but don't want the work of keeping up a single family home and grounds, Kuschel said.

"We could have sold twice as many units in Maple Lake. Most of them were sold before the building was complete," she added.

Several more developers will be given a chance to design and bid the project, EDA Chairman Jim Vrchota said.

"We want to create some excitement and have a town meeting," he said.

The intent is to give interested residents a chance to learn about the project and look at designs for floor plans.

Prices for the units will probably run about $115,000 to $120,000.

Kuschel has experience with creating associations to run the building and said the EDA needs to find a builder who is sensitive to the seniors and really cares about them.

Planning and zoning will become involved to determine appropriate placement of the building on the lot and other issues.

In other business, Angela Lachermier's resignation from the EDA was accepted, and the position was declared open for applicants.

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