Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 5, 1999

Louis Stifter qualifies for world karate championships

Louis Stifter, chief instructor at the Winsted Karate Club, placed third in individual kumite competition in the American JKA National Championships at the University of California, Riverside, May 22.

This win qualifies Stifter, a fourth degree black belt, for a position on the U.S. Team to compete in the world championships in September.

Stifter's only defeat was to Kevin Werner, the first place finisher. The two have battled each other over the years and both have won the kumite event three times.

Dr. James Neff, a fifth degree black belt and director of the Winsted Karate Club, who served as a referee at the championships, commented, "At this level of competition, the intensity is very high and things happen so fast, a tenth of a second can provide all the edge one competitor needs to win. Louis trained very hard for this event and will be one of the strongest competitors on the U.S. Team."

Following the championship competition, Stifter was the lead competitor for the U.S. team in a good will match against Canada. Stifter won his match and the U.S. team defeated the Canadians.

For more information on karate, contact Stifter at 320-562-2305 or Neff, at 320-485-2388.

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