Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, February 8, 1999

Waverly residents have their say

Recently, Waverly residents completed a survey to help guide the city in its land use plan. From the survey responses, the planning and zoning commission and the city council hope to better determine policies and planning for Waverly's future growth.

The following is a summary of the survey responses.

Summary of survey responses

Survey respondents were asked to rank issues on a four-point scale, with four being the best and one being the worst.

Under the general question on the physical condition of the community, there does seem to be some concern. The appearances indicators ranked in the following way:

  • parks ranked the highest - 3.1;
  • vacant lots ranked the lowest - 2.04;
  • public buildings - 2.71, private residences - 2.54, and overall community appearance- 2.45.

The response to the quality of the environment in Waverly indicated general satisfaction:

  • air quality ranked the highest - 3.54;
  • land use ranked the lowest - 2.48;
  • water quality was ranked at better than average - 3.07.

Under the cultural opportunities section, there are areas of general dissatisfaction:

  • once again, Parks ranked the highest - 3.0;
  • youth recreational programs - 2.67, opportunities to join groups of common age - 2.37, and local businesses serving residents needs - 2.24, all ranked above average;
  • adult recreational programs, community works to attract business and industry, adequate youth employment opportunities, and adult employment opportunities all ranked below average.

Under the general issues section, a wide range of satisfaction and dissatisfaction was apparent:

  • garbage collection - 3.46, gas and electric supplies - 3.12, and banking services - 3.08 all scored well above average;
  • the adequacy of housing for home owners ranked above average - 2.58;
  • adequacy of rental housing, shopping facilities, and legal services were all ranked below average.

City services scored about as well as any other section in the survey:

  • fire protection was ranked highest - 3.64;
  • snow removal - 3.4, sewer services - 3.31, water services - 3.17, and storm water management - 3.08 all ranked far above average;
  • streets and roads - 2.79 and city street lighting - 2.74, although ranking lowest in this section, were still relatively well thought of by the general survey respondent.

The second page of the survey was designed to provide some input from the general public regarding specialized local issues that may or may not spawn local priorities. Just a yes or no was requested for 10 questions. Of those 10, five of the issues were responded to positively:

  • city office hours were convenient - 86 percent yes;
  • sidewalk system needs to be improved - 77 percent yes;
  • bike and walking trails need to be developed - 75 percent yes;
  • support for the River Ride system - 67 percent yes; although 38 of the 93 respondents indicated they had no opinion on that issue;
  • the need to develop a park-and-ride lot along Highway 12 - 58 percent yes.
  • The five issues in which the negative was expressed include:
  • developing a parking lot for the downtown commercial area - 77 percent no;
  • increasing the amount of local park space/facilities - 66 percent no;
  • hiring a city administrator - 66 percent no;
  • privatizing the municipal liquor store - 62 percent no;
  • hiring a local police officer(s) - 56 percent no.

Under the question regarding housing, the general consensus is that there is a need for more housing and support for additional city action:

  • additional development of single family owner occupied housing - 81 percent yes;
  • development of senior housing (rental with services) - 79 percent yes;
  • the city should seek rehabilitation funding for existing housing - 74 percent yes;
  • development of townhomes - 67 percent yes;
  • development of multi-family rental units - 52 percent yes.

Regarding the lake features, respondents were generally against further development of the lake areas:

  • further development of: Waverly Lake - 59 percent no;
  • Little Waverly Lake - 54 percent no;
  • Carrigan Lake - 58 percent no;
  • Marketing the lake features was barely supported by a 52 to 48 percent yes margin.

The final series of questions were again designed to elicit some type of information from the general public on possible city priorities. Residents ranked issues on a four-point scale, with four being the best and one being the worst. The city hopes to have support for the following, if this survey is representative of the city's residents:

  • expansion of commercial uses along Highway 12 - 3.37;
  • the need to strengthen the commercial downtown area - 3.36 ;
  • attract the development of a health care clinic - 3.0;
  • vie for the location of the new high school development - 2.38;
  • the Humphrey museum effort - 1.95

Finally, 78.5 percent of respondents indicated they would like to see some type of general community meeting(s) scheduled to provide additional input to this goal setting process.

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