Herald and Journal, Nov. 29, 1999

Task of reviewing questionnaires begins for school

By Linda Schroeder

The Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) Site Task Force is pleased, and, at the same time, perhaps a bit overwhelmed.

More than 950 school district residents responded to the task force's informal questionnaire sent out in September, and task force members have received the raw data compiled from hundreds of questionnaire responses.

The task force's two cochairs were pleased with the response of so many individuals.

"Having tracked whether one or two questionnaires came back in every envelope, we estimate that we heard from more than 680 households," said Joe Campbell, task force cochair.

The task force was also impressed with the number of individuals who took the time to write additional comments on the questionnaire response forms.

"Two-thirds of those who responded (more than 630 people)s answered the optional questions or wrote in additional comments," said Jack Littfin, task force cochair. "Some even attached an extra sheet of paper. They had a lot of thoughts to share about our district, our programs, and our facility needs."

As a group, task force members extend their appreciation to all district residents for their willingness to provide this valuable input to the task force.

According to Campbell, "It's like having a 950-person focus group, with a lot of individual feedback on a variety of school-related issues.We really appreciate the fact that close to 1,000 people took the time to respond to these important questions about our school district."

"Our next step as a task force is to begin reviewing and analyzing the data we've received," said Littfin. "After that, we'll prepare a summary of the results."

The task force will also be moving into the final phases of identifying a site for a new high school and making that recommendation to the school board for its consideration.

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