Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, March 15, 1999

Coin toss decides winner in Bergen Township

Bergen Township

The race for supervisor in Bergen Township ended in a tie Tuesday with both Roger Matthews and Albert "Sonny" Teubert getting 31 votes.

The tie was broken by the flip of a coin with Matthews winning the position.

In the treasurer election, for which no one had filed, incumbent Lloyd Larson was the high vote-getter with 13, but he declined the position. John Morley accepted the position with nine votes.

In total, 64 voters turned out for the Bergen election.

Winsted Township

A proposal to combine the office of clerk and treasurer in Winsted Township was defeated by voters Tuesday by a margin of 29-14.

A total of 45 voters went to the polls for the election. Incumbents were elected across the board.

Reuben Roos was re-elected a supervisor for a three-year term with 45 votes.

Alden Enger won his bid for treasurer with 39 votes for a two year term.

Victor Township

On a night when the weather was miserable and voters had a difficult time getting to the polling places, Victor Township had a record turnout with almost 200 voters taking part in the election.

Board Chair Greg Bakeberg was re-elected 155-39 over Michael Ollig. Maureen Larkin-Hoover was elected as treasurer with 167 votes.

Marysville Township

Marysville Township cast 20 ballots with incumbents being re-elected. Supervisor Glenn Jepsen received 18 votes, and Treasurer Bonita Foede had 20 votes.

Middleville Township

Middleville Township cast 31 ballots. Both incumbents, Supervisor Virgil Birkholz and Treasurer Everrett Smith, each received 31 votes.

Woodland Township

Woodland Township cast 22 ballots. Incumbents Bill Pollock and Gene Janikula were both re-elected supervisor and treasurer respectively. Pollock had 20 votes, and Janikula had 22 votes.

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