Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Nov. 1, 1999

Toy gun used in staged robbery at Winsted Subway

By Luis Puga

A Winsted man was arrested for participating in a theft at the Subway restaurant in Winsted Tuesday evening.

David Peter Mahon, 23, allegedly walked into the restaurant brandishing a toy gun. A juvenile employee of the restaurant handed Mahon $267.30, police said.

Shortly after the staged robbery, Mahon was pulled over and arrested by the Winsted Police Department, aided by McLeod County Sheriff's Department, and the Lester Prairie Police Department.

Discovered in the car was a roll of quarters, some Subway paraphernalia and possible drug paraphernalia. About $24 was recovered from the vehicle, and the rest of the money was found at the home of a juvenile (not the employee) who was riding with Mahon when he was arrested.

Most of the money was recovered, police said.

According to the official complaint, Mahon was also said to have destroyed checks from the register and stuffed them in a pop can.

Initially, the Winsted Police Department received a call of a possible robbery. However, as armed force was not used, Mahon was charged with gross misdemeanor theft. He has been arraigned and bail was set at $1,000.

Paul Kliewer, owner of the Subway, said, "My first concern always is for the safety of my employees."

He added that he was pleased that no one was hurt, and noted that the store does have security and surveillance measures to make it a safe environment.

He added that he was disappointed to see the reputation of Subway and Winsted tarnished by such an event.

First on the scene of the theft was Gary Schott of the Winsted Police Department. Police Chief Mike Henrich said the investigation was greatly aided by the McLeod County Sheriff's Department.

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