Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Oct. 30, 2000

Peterson, Gagnon return to do business in Waverly

By Lynda Jensen

Two successful businessmen did something that most people in their generation wouldn't think of.

They returned home, to their small town, to open an office for business.

John T. Peterson and Mike Gagnon opened a shared office on Waverly's main street about six months ago.

Peterson is an attorney with 11 years of experience. His main office is based in Buffalo.

Peterson's background includes criminal court and other areas, although his specialty is real estate and financial transactions.

This complements perfectly the expertise of Mike Gagnon, who works as a senior financial advisor for American Express.

Gagnon has 17 years of experience, with his main office in Monticello. His area of expertise financial planning, including retirement, investment, tax and estate planning.

"It made good business sense," Gagnon said. The two men use their Waverly office to meet clients by appointment.

About 70-80 percent of their clients are from Wright County, Gagnon said.

Ninety percent of their business comes from referrals, Peterson said.

Both men remember when main street looked much different than it does now.

The two attended grade school together at St. Mary's, which closed in the early-70s.

When St. Mary's closed, they went their separate ways, with Peterson attending school in Buffalo, and Gagnon going to Howard Lake.

As young men, they grew up about one mile from each other in the northern part of the Waverly countryside.

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