Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, January 18, 1999

Conciliation court next stop for park building issue

By Andrea Vargo

Conciliation court will probably be the next place Waverly council and Morton Buildings representatives meet, said Mayor Charlie Bush at the council meeting Tuesday.

New council member Pam Henry-Neaton has been kept informed of the problems with Morton, even though this was her first time to sit on the council.

The council wanted to deduct 10 percent from the bill from Morton for the new park facility for problems experienced with the construction of the building.

In a series of meetings with Morton salesman Rich Rothstein, the council has attempted to come to some kind of agreement about the amount of the final payment.

Bush said the city understood the building would be started May 1 and completed May 15, while Rich Rothstein stated he did not offer specific dates for the construction schedule.

Morton already paid for overhead doors that were incorrectly planned and ordered.

Compensation of $450 was offered to the city for rental fees that might have been lost during the three week period the building was without doors.

The largest problem is the siding, said Bush. He understood it was to be maintenance-free, but the siding installed was unpainted.

As for the paint, Morton offered $300 to cover the cost for the siding.

Bush offered to split the unpaid balance of $2,248. Rothstein agreed, but the rest of the council did not. The next stop seems to be court.

Liquor store/ Hwy. 12

An offer of $54,000 was received from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) for the municipal liquor store property that will be affected by the Highway 12 improvement project in 2000.

It will cover monetary damage to the property that will be lost on the highway frontage due to the loss of the access to the west side of the building.

Bush said he felt it might be a little low and asked Hertzog and McRaith to negotiate with Mn/DOT.

Planning and zoning

Adrian Duske reported to the council on several items. The first was to introduce Jacob Fitzpatrick as the HLWW student representative to the planning and zoning commission

Fitzpatrick will sit on the commission for three months as a non-voting representative to learn more about city government.

Duske said the commission is looking for more interested students to take Fitzpatrick's place in three months for a similar experience.

The commissioners will hold a public hearing Feb. 1 to consider revocation of the conditional use permit issued to Clayton Freeburg for the Waverly storage building.

Duske said Freeburg has received a number of warnings and has not addressed the problems.

1998 appointments

Acting mayor - John Hertzog

Alternate acting mayor - Jerry McRaith

Clerk/treasurer - Debbie Ryks

Deputy clerk - Bonnie Young

Weed inspector - John Rassat and Hertzog

Water and sewer superintendent - Rassat

City Maintenance - Rassat and Jim Woitalla

Civil defense director - Mark Karels and Dave Fournier

Council meetings - second Tuesday of the month

City engineering firm - Englehart and Associates

City attorney - Shadduck, Young and Brown

City auditor - Kern, DeWenter, Viere, Ltd.

Financial Advisor - Ehlers and Associates

Official newspaper - Howard Lake Waverly Herald

Official depository - Citizens State Bank of Waverly


Streets - McRaith

Parks - Pam Henry-Neaton and Fournier

MLS liaison Charles Bush and Hertzog

Highway 12 task force - Fournier and Hertzog

Alternate Highway 12 - Bush

Planning and Zoning ex-officio - Bush

Alternate planning and zoning - Bush and Hertzog

Personnel committee - Bush and Fournier

Liquor control committee - Hertzog and McRaith.

Other business

- The state building code was adopted, and Fournier told the council that the Waverly Fire Department will purchase a copy of that and a copy of the state fire code.

- Additional liability insurance will be purchased from the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust for about $500 to cover Y2K problems.

- The two certificates of deposit will be handled a little differently this year. One will be renewed for six months at 4.25 percent and then renewed for 12 months at a higher rate. The other one will be renewed for 12 months at 4.50 percent. This will put them on a rotating basis and make their possible use more flexible for the city.

- The municipal liquor store has transferred $30,000 to the general fund to date.

- The animal impound contract with the Humane Society of Wright County was approved.

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