Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, July 5, 1999

A whirlwind of activity whips through Waverly

By Angela Lachermeier
Waverly Area Visionary Enrichment

Jim Weninger and his summer ag crew made another guest appearance in downtown Waverly recently, leaving behind another job well done.

The summer ag crew arrived at the courtyard in downtown Waverly to prep the lot for sod. A fresh load of beautiful sod was delivered to the courtyard the following day. This generous donation was made by Billy Hoffman of Ace Sod Farms, Howard Lake.

The summer ag crew, under the direction of Weninger, transformed the dirt lot into a gem of emerald green grass. It was amazing to see the significant difference that the grass made. The crew worked so quickly and efficiently and more importantly, worked as a team to accomplish the task at hand.

Mark Karels and his daughter, Sam, were on the scene next to make sure that the newly installed grass got a good soaking, compliments of the Waverly Fire Department. The use of their equipment, water, and fire hose made this job go a lot faster. Dave Fournier, another member of the fire department, gave it another good soaking several days later.

The Waverly Lions Club donated the town clock and two park benches. The Waverly Area Visionary Enrichment (WAVE) committee donated the circular bench that surrounds the summit ash tree that was donated by Joe and Corina Sterner.

I was very anxious for the delivery of three benches for the courtyard that was made by Ornamental Landscape Depot of Waverly. Once the benches were in place, the courtyard took on an inviting look of tranquility.

Jim and Pat Thrift of Waverly gave the courtyard some color when they donated two large pots of pink petunias. Pat carries a jug of water on her way to the post office every day and stops by the courtyard to make sure the thirsty flowers get their daily drink of water.

The summer ag crew were then seen on the grounds of the village hall digging, forming and installing a concrete pad for a bench. The bench was also made by the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) FFA, compliments of the Humphrey Museum. The next day, the park bench was installed and, I must say, it looks mighty fine.

Mary Kay Johnson of Waverly gave the village hall doors a fresh coat of paint that did wonders. The dark blue was color-matched to the blue that is in the Waverly flag. It was accented by a light blue. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to the look of the building.

Many people stopped by to cheer Mary Kay on, while others had to stop and harrass her, all in good fun. One person that was vocally humerous with his opinions was Charlie Jose, who just happened to be painting the crosswalks the same day Mary Kay was painting the village hall doors. They were quite entertaining.

The fresh coat of white and yellow paint that was applied to the streets and curbs added to the revitalization of the downtown area. There was so much activity in downtown Waverly that my camera was kept busy trying to capture all of the before, during and after pictures. It was difficult to decide what pictures to select from my archive of photos for the paper.

If this sounds like a lot of improvements, hold on to your hats. The Lions Club has agreed to purchase a trash receptacle from Ornamental Landscape Depot for the courtyard that matches the other items.

I have also agreed to donate my time and talents to paint a mural on the top of Pete's Grocery storage building that is adjacent to the courtyard. This will be my first mural, which is made possible through the help of the Waverly Lions Club. They will be picking up the tab for the use of a scissor lift and paint supplies.

Take a drive through the downtown Waverly area and check out all of the improvements. While you're in Waverly, feel free to check out the courtyard, have a seat on one of our many benches and ponder what wonderful things can happen when a group of people work together for the benefit of their community.

Here is one more footnote to Jim Weninger and his summer ag crew ­ You are all a shining example of what wonderful things are possible when an idea is put into action and achieved. I, along with a whole community of others, are very proud of you and your crew for all of your hard work, dedication and accomplishments.

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