Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, June 12, 2000

Search for Waverly history

Bill Walsh Dornbach is searching for information of his family and its branches in Waverly and the surrounding area.

The branches of the family lived as far away as Dassel, under a variety of names, starting back in the mid 1840s to early 1900s, he said.

He is trying to put together a history of Waverly and the families' impact on Waverly.

According to Dornbach, his great-great-grandfather was a major contributor to the development of Waverly.

Family records and some Wright County records show that he owned the general store, a piano shop, and was a partner in the bank and lumber yard.

He died suddenly of a heart attack, while working, Dornbach noted.

After his death, the family stayed in town for some time, then moved to the city, he said.

"We do not have any idea what happened to the store or other investments after his death," Dornbach said.

He explained that he is trying to locate anything from anyone that may have the logo or words for the Walsh General Store.

"One local gentleman that I met at the antique shop in Waverly mentioned that he had the side of the store in his basement as decoration. But beyond that, we do not have any of the other missing pieces," Dornbach said.

"I would be happy to talk with anyone who might know the history of Waverly, and what happened," he said.

Dornbach can be contacted at 612-912-9493, 612-935-3085, or

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