Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, April 17, 2000

Waverly's share of Hwy 12 improvements: $363,000

By Andrea Vargo

Most of the $363,000 projected cost to Waverly for Highway 12 improvements comes from the water main work that needs to be completed in conjunction with the project, according to the cooperative construction agreement the Waverly City Council approved Tuesday.

Of the $101,380 projected for lighting along the highway, federal dollars cover 80 percent, the state pays 10 percent, and Waverly pays 10 percent ($10,138).

The city will pay 2 percent of $60,083.20, or $1,201.66, for new sidewalks along Highway 12.

Pillars set in stone

Pillars set in four feet of concrete and surrounded by stone planters flank the driveway of Jeff Vogt and Terry Gibbs.

"It's a question of semantics," said Planning and Zoning Commissioner Adrian Duske.

When Gibbs called city hall to find out if she needed a building permit to construct the planters with the light poles at the end of her driveway, City Clerk Deb Ryks said she didn't need a permit.

The "end of the driveway" means two different things to Ryks and Gibbs, he said.

Unfortunately, said Duske, Gibbs' driveway does not end at the street, but at her property line. The right-of-way belongs to the city, and the planters are on city property.

The city is concerned about damage to its equipment, said Bush.

But the dead-end street poses no hazard to vehicles, and the city plows around mailboxes and poles now, said Vogt.

Maintenance Supervisor John Rassat said he didn't see any problem with plowing around the planters.

Gibbs and Vogt agreed to sign a release that removes liability from the city for any damage to the structures by city equipment, and the city agreed to let them keep the planters.

Patty pans & cukes

A farm market for Waverly was tentatively approved. The idea was presented by Darlene Henry of the social justice committee from St. Mary's Church.

This is something that is both wanted and needed in the area, she said.

It would be possibly located in Railroad Park and operate from June to late September or October, Henry said.

Duske told her that although the railroad owns that land, the city would be liable for any problems on it.

Mayor Charlie Bush asked that anyone who uses the park should show proof of liability insurance, so the city is not responsible.

Also, the farm market vendors must not take up space from the tractor display during Waverly Daze, he said.

In a related issue, Jerry Untiedt received permission to place a vegetable stand in Waverly.

He will most likely get permission from a property owner to place the stand. He said he carries adequate insurance for all his stands.

Untiedt suggested the city develop an ordinance dealing with peddlers for its own protection.

Most cities require an application and a background check (as a minimum requirement), he said.

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