Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, May 3, 1999

Waverly Lake Association gears up for summer

By Steve Thisius
Waverly Lake Assn. President

A full meeting agenda faced the Waverly Lake Association Saturday at Waterfront Park.

Some of the things that needed to be discussed were election of officers, boat parade, fishing contest, weed control spraying, and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) projects.

In mid-December, the lake association board members had a dinner meeting with contacts from the DNR to discuss the lake management program.

The meeting focused on changes and additions to the preliminary plan, with specific projects identified.

The association is in the planning stages for two native weed transplant projects, as well as the creation of an improved fish spawning area.

All three of these projects will cover relatively small areas of the lake, but are intended to serve as a testing ground for the lake in an attempt to deal with milfoil and other lake issues.

Even though these projects don't cover a lot of the lake, they will require a lot of work to complete. The association needs more volunteers to help, starting mid-June.

The lake is scheduled for a contact spray for curly leaf pondweed in May, and milfoil will be treated in June.

Waverly Daze will again feature the fishing contest Sat., July 10, and the boat parade Sun., July 11.

The carp seining on the lake took place March 3, but was not successful.

The nets became clogged with massive amounts of bottom moss and allowed the fish to escape.

If you want to volunteer to help out the lake association, call Steve Thisius at 612-658-6193.

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