Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, May 17, 1999

Waverly liquor store needs more useful accounting system, mayor says

By Andrea Vargo

Even though the audit for the municipal liquor store is fine every year, Waverly Mayor Charles Bush said, "I hate to be running a business and not be able to be 'in charge.'"

He referred to the lack of information about each section of the business, on-sale or off-sale.

Bush said the council has discussed keeping separate accounting systems for the two areas. A scanner would help, he stated.

Mary Klingelhoets, liquor store employee, said, "I don't know how you would separate the inventory."

Lack of enough time during rush periods for employees to properly charge the stock to the correct account seems to be a problem, she said.

Private docks on lake

A rumor about the placement of private docks on Waverly Lake at the small park by Waverly Terrace brought Mitch Zitzloff to the council meeting.

He heard people would be allowed to put out a dock on a first-come basis.

The council told Zitzloff that no decision has yet been made about allowing docks on public property.

When asked for his opinion about the docks, City Attorney Tim Young said it is legal to place private docks on public property.

"But is it wise?" asked Bush.

"That's a leading question. There are liability issues that come into play, and it gets complicated," said Young.

The city needs a good insurance structure, he said. Also, a lottery system would be a better choice than payment for lease of the space, stated Young.

The issue needs to be investigated by Young and an opinion returned to the council on legal and liability concerns.

Cable franchise

Few people voiced complaints about the cable system that services the city at the public hearing, Tuesday.

The service by Paragon Cable expires at the end of July 2000. The company plans upgrades to the system that includes expansion from 36 to 77 channels.

The city gets three percent from the franchise fee, and that amounts to about $650 per year, according to Kim Roden, representative of Paragon.

Rates are adjusted each year in accordance with Federal Communication Commission regulations, she said.

The company has a time commitment to have the upgrade finished by Dec. 31, 2001.

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