Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Aug. 14, 2000

New Waverly park name - Legion Waterfront Park

By Andrea Vargo

Official designation for the park next to Waverly Lake is now Legion Waterfront Park, the Waverly City Council decided, Tuesday.

This was in response to many years of confusion for citizens about the real name of the park.

The land for the park was donated by American Legion Charles Claessens Post 305 in 1957, and was known by many as Legion Park.

There is even one sign that marks it as such.

But, the minutes of the meeting in 1957, when the decision was made to donate the park land, show that the members wanted the park named Legion Memorial Park.

There was no agreement by the city to name it that way.

A sign on Highway 12 proclaims the park to be Waterfront Park, and it has been known by this name for some time, as well.

Maintenance Supervisor John Rassat told the council that the Legion may request moving the Legion memorial marker to the entrance of the park.

In the interest of compromise, the council voted to officially name the park Legion Waterfront Park. There was a consensus that if asked about moving the marker, it would vote to leave the marker where it is.


Jim Vrchota, president of the Waverly Economic Development Authority (EDA), requested $20,000 to purchase the one-acre lot east of the Waverly Community Homes.

The lot is owned by Waverly Community Homes, and the organization needs to know if the EDA can purchase the land by Aug. 15.

It is attempting to get grants and loans, and needs the proceeds of the sale to help get that funding.

The EDA would purchase the lot and see that it is developed for more upscale senior housing than what is currently available, Vrchota said.

The Initiative Foundation has verbally confirmed it will fund 50 percent of a housing study for Waverly, but the study will not be finished in time for the Aug. 15 deadline as stated by Waverly Community Homes Board President Mariellyn Kuske.

Proceeds from the sale or rental of the senior housing will go into the coffers of the EDA to promote further development in the city, Vrchota said.

The council voted to table the discussion to the Sept. 12 meeting. This will not give Waverly Community Homes the money it needs in time to apply for funding from Rural Development.

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