Herald and Journal, March 8, 1999

Winsted school site proposals

The City of Winsted presented its final proposal on Thursday to the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted Long Range Facilities task force.

Winsted had originally presented its offer in December, but was given an opportunity to present it publicly, based on the extent of Howard Lake's proposal the week before.

Winsted City Administrator Aaron Reeves presented the information, stating that he would restrict it "to discuss hard facts, not estimates or projections."

In terms of offerings, Reeves said that the city has sufficient cash in its enterprise fund to pay for infrastructure extension costs. Also, Winsted is willing to pay for water/sewer fees for the first year, he said.

Reeves said he does not foresee dramatic utility increase in the city and that Winsted has suitable water/sewer capacity and water quality. All sites the city is proposing would include gravity sewer.

The selected sites would not have any permit or zoning issues, and three are in residential areas.

A fourth, shown as number two on the map, was not covered in depth by Reeves, and may or may not be withdrawn from consideration by architect Bob Abendroth.

There would be no "SAC (sewer access connection) and WAC" (water access connection) charges assessed to the school district, and Reeves said the locations are central.

Access is provided from major roads. One site, owned by Ralph and Charlie Millerbernd, is within walking distance to the city-owned, lighted football and baseball fields.

All the sites have been examined by the McLeod County environmentalist and there are no wetland conflicts. The city will help prepare various grants through NSP and the Department of Agriculture, and Reeves said the city has a supportive business and industrial community.

Winsted has received a Community Orientated Policing Services grant. The grant would be used to hire an officer to work primarily with the school for education and training.

Reeves said each site meets criteria set by Abendroth with at least 80 acres of land, good topography and soils, and it is not located in a watershed or flood plain.

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Site 1

Site one is 90 acres and passes the criteria of soils and topography. There is a 10-inch water main that will supply 4,000 gallons per minute, with gas main service and three-phase electric service from NSP. Reeves said that three-phase electric would probably cost $80,000 per mile if it had to be added.

The site is accessible from Co. Rd. 1 and Main Avenue W. The land is available within the proposed budget, and the site is near an existing holding pond as well as the athletic fields and a state-owned, 100-plus-acre wetland.

Site 2

Site two has been eliminated from the Winsted's proposal because of availability conflicts and its southernly location. Abendroth noted it still would be a viable site.

Site 3

Site three is 120 acres, owned by Albert Fiecke. It also passes soil and topography criteria, and has gas main service and electric from NSP. It is accessible from Sixth Street N., and the land is available and near three-phase power. It is also within the budget.

Site 4

Site four, owned by Linus Hertzog, also passed land requirements with 167 acres. Gas main service is there, as well as electric service from McLeod Cooperative Power Association. The site is accessible from Carver Co. Rd. 6 and the cost is within the budget.

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