Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Dec. 11, 2000

Holy Trinity High School welcomes Shojiro Ishikura to the United States

Submitted by Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity sophomore, Shojiro Ishikura, began school at Holy Trinity on Sept. 5. He moved in with his host family, Joe and Wendy Remer, shortly before school began.

Sho, the name he wishes to be called, was born in Tokyo, Japan. His parents are Kumiko Ishikura and Shinnichi Nozaki. He has two younger brothers, Daisuke who is eight years old and Ryo who is one.

His parents sent him to the United States to better understand and speak the English language. Students in Japan must take English as a class, but being able to come to the United States gives him a better chance to learn to speak English fluently.

By mastering the English language, after graduating from high school, he can return to Japan with many prospective job opportunities available to him. Right now, he is considering becoming an English teacher in Japan.

When asked about his home in Tokyo, Sho admitted to being a little homesick. Also, he really misses the food. He said his mother was a wonderful cook and he misses her beef stroganoff. The weather in Japan is similar to the weather we have been having in Minnesota, with just a little snow and not too cold, so the temperature here hasn't really bothered him yet.

Although he has only been at Holy Trinity high school a few months, he has become part of the sophomore class. He doesn't try to be like everyone else. He is himself. His sophomore class thinks that he is not only the greatest, but awesome, super funny, does the best impressions, and he has great school spirit (knows all the school cheers). He has been teaching his classmates Japanese.

The Remers, his host family, live in Winsted with their five children. Wendy said he fits right in and their children really enjoy having Sho around. He has become a great big brother, especially for Josh, a Holy Trinity sixth grader, who has had only sisters up until now.

The Remers also said Sho has seemed to enjoy having sisters for the first time. And even though he may not want anyone to know, he has been caught a couple of times playing dolls with Megan, the Remer's three-year-old. The Remer's are looking forward to their first Christmas with Sho in just a few short weeks.

Sho's present plan is to remain at Holy Trinity until he graduates. He will return home to Japan during the summer months. When he returns to Japan, he knows he will miss his host family and all of the friends he has made.

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