Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Dec. 11, 2000

St. Mary's resident turning 100 Tuesday

By Patrice Salmon

Theresa Schoenberger, a resident at St. Mary's Care Center in Winsted will celebrate her 100th birthday Tuesday, Dec. 12.

Schoenberger was born in Sleepy Eye, and lived on a farm for much of her life.

The family farm had numerous animals, including cows, horses, chickens, and a dog.

One of her most prevalent memories was of, as part of her many chores, having to bring in the cows.

"I used to have to herd the cows and the dog would just bring them back," commented Schoenberger. She spoke fondly of the black and brown dog from her childhood.

Her family had a large garden, as was typical of the times. She recalled just brushing the dirt off and eating carrots pulled straight from the ground.

Times were different when she was growing up than they are now. She spoke of having to heat the house with wood, and traveling by horse and buggy.

"Those were the good old days, oh, I liked that," Schoenberger said of the times.

She preferred life on the farm to life in the city.

"I liked the farm I did, better than city."

She remembered the days of sleigh rides and horse drawn wagons, "You just make the best of things."

Other activities that she took part in were weaving rugs, cooking, baking, and sewing. On the wall near her bed is a sample of her handiwork, a rug-hooked duck wall hanging.

She has lived through 100 years of change, but when asked if she'd ever thought she'd live as long as she did, "I never gave it a thought," was her reply.

Any secrets to living to such a ripe old age?

"I lived just the way I want," she said.

The staff at St. Mary's Care Center will celebrate with cake and more on Schoenberger's special day.

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