Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Dec. 18, 2000

Senior housing project, land deal discussed at Waverly meeting

By Lynda Jensen

The imminent purchase of railroad property by the city and a senior housing project dominated a special meeting by the Waverly City Council Tuesday.

Railroad representative Bruce Opp met with members of the Waverly economic development authority, planning and zoning, and city council to discuss tracts of land.

The city is looking at purchasing about 228,000 square feet on the north and 90,000 square feet of land on the south side of the tracks, within city limits.

The larger section of land along the northern edge is uncontested, although there appeared to be interest from other third parties in southern side parcels.

The three tracts of land on the south side include about 200 feet east of Fourth Street, 200 feet adjacent to Mayer Distributing, and 650 feet east of Mayer.

It was noted that Mayer expressed interest in purchasing some land.

EDA members appeared to be interested in land sold already to Roger Karels.

Karels signed a purchase agreement and made a down payment for 300 feet of land on the south side of the tracks.

The larger section of southern land is actually owned by the state, which means the city will have first chance to buy the state-owned land.

The other two southern parcels are owned by ANT, LLC, which is a privately owned realty company.

The sale price is about $160,000, Opp said. The cost reflects 53 cents per square foot, Ryks said.

EDA President Jim Vrchota pressed Opp for a letter of intent before the first of the year to speed along the land deal.

Planning and zoning representative Adrian Duske indicated that he would like to see some sections stubbed off at Highway 12 in anticipation of future development.

In a separate matter, a presentation was made by senior housing developer Lori Kuschel about a future senior development "Lake View Terrace of Waverly."

The project is still in its early planning stages since no specific lot sizes have been figured for the project.

Kuschel asked for setback requirements and parking needs, which she needs to compute the number of units. She also needs to know utility charges, park dedication fees and other information for pricing, although she thought the price range would be about $140,000 to $150,000 for each unit.

Kuschel was involved in a successful development at Maple Lake.

"The seniors just love it there," she said. Most of the units there were pre-sold, she said.

"We could have sold two bedrooms over and over again," Kuschel said of Maple Lake.

What surprised her at the time was the number of Waverly people interested in the Maple Lake development as it went along, she said.

Kuschel stressed her commitment to serving seniors who wanted to stay in the town they supported all their lives.

The survey has been done for the future Waverly development, Vrchota said.

The one-level units will include four season porches with patio doors, security features, interior access so that seniors don't have to leave the comfort of the development if they don't want to and maintainance of the grounds and common areas.

To keep the housing development strictly for seniors, Kuschel advised making requirements in the bylaws regarding age limits.

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