Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, July 2, 2001

Walking sideways at the Herald office


I think a thousand people have seen me limping around Howard Lake by now.

In fact, anyone who stops at the Herald office through the week will notice that quite a few of us are walking sideways. Neil Schlagel and I both drag our right legs.

Neil injured his right knee during (guess: ___________). Yes, baseball. He dove after a ball.

We said to him "Well, I guess this means no baseball this summer," and he gave us a lengthy pause. "Well. . ." We laughed. Only Neil would leave the door open for more baseball.

I hurt myself somehow May 25 or thereabouts, probably from gardening. I pinched a sciatic nerve on my right leg, (something I never heard of that before). I've been dragging my leg around ever since. The sciatic nerve is located near my right hip (west of the hip, actually).

Following a month of being passed off and passed around at a clinic and hospital that will remain unidentified to protect the guilty, I finally found the orthopedic specialist across the street, Dr. Robert Heeter, right here in Howard Lake.

Dr. Heeter is just wonderful. Kindness and competency are hard to find in the medical professional sometimes. I am in good hands.

Of course, I must interject that the real physician is the Lord. In fact, when I woke up Monday morning last week, I felt suddenly better for the day. I attributed this to the prayers of my church family, the Dassel Church of Christ.

Other subjects

Want to laugh about the construction? Wander into Gerry's Super Valu and look at all the "construction" decorations there. They have yellow "do not cross" ribbons dangling everywhere, and every kind of construction item hanging from the ceiling. It's a sight.

What else is going on? My two kids tried to kill each other during the Good Neighbor Days coronation ceremony. Thankfully, Marilyn Ringold volunteered to referee and sat between them.

They started acting up right before the actual crowning ceremony . . . I could hear them in the dark, from the front area. A snow cone would normally keep them busy, but it would have melted in 10 seconds flat inside there.

"They normally are so good," I said to her. " . . . when they're not killing each other." Thank you Marilyn! If you wish, I can designate you as the official lifetime referee; something you probably don't want to be! Ha ha! I'd end up dropping my kids off at the pharmacy every other day.

In their defense, Bryce, 5, and Latrice, 9, really do get along fairly well. They don't fight very often.

My kids loved Good Neighbor Days. They had about 60 snow cones.

My personal favorite part was the hot dogs served at the Pee Wee Reese tournament. I only ate two, because I was trying to act like a lady. Three would have been too many.

I kept sending my daughter over causually to get me a hot dog.

I poured so much sweet relish on them that you couldn't see the dog, and they were so awesome!

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