Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, July 9, 2001

Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you


That's a saying I heard a week ago that's been stuck in my head ever since.

It seems to pertain to the surgery that I am having July 14, since I did, in fact, rupture a disc in my backbone and it needs repair. It really sounds worse than it is.

The worst part is over, since I understand the pain of rupture is worse than the surgery. We'll see if this is true, but I can readily believe this.

The surgery is routine and has a 95 percent recovery rate, so I am expecting to be running around after about seven to 10 days, with my camera and notepad in my hands.

Judging by the way this summer's gone, it will fly by and no one will notice.

The summer of destruction

It seems odd that Howard Lake's main street is missing the former Werner hardware building.

Main street is in a state of undress, since you can see the historic city hall building from all angles.

That's OK with me.

Progress has many facets. Ever since the fields around my childhood home were developed into houses and an elementary school, I've learned the lesson that you can't stop progress. It's best to move forward in a planned fashion and make room for new, younger faces.

I used to be editor of a newspaper of a dying border town located in South Dakota, called Gary.

Don't like sprawl or growth? Try living in a dying town for a summer or two. It's the definition of depression. No young people. No jobs. No commercial base. No money.

Gary had its railroad tracks ripped out by the railroad in 1986 and its residents can't hear the sound of the train anymore.

It was the very first town to have railroad access in the entire state of South Dakota.

When we first moved to Dassel three years ago, I heard the sound of the train. It was the most beautiful thing. The people of Gary would die to hear that sound.

But, I digress.

Back to the historic city hall and the changing face of main street.

The city hall building is really the most beautiful building there is! It's the crown jewel of architecture and a joy to see every day for me.

Something like that is worth holding on to.

I hope the citizens of Howard Lake agree with this, and are willing to support the city council in its effort to restore the building. Contact a council member today to tell them how you feel about this.

Anybody can build a box that is energy efficient. But to have something substantial and unusual like the historic city hall is very different indeed.

One last bit

Have you ever tried the Sunday buffet at Bayrischer Hof restaurant in Montrose? Go there - but you'll have to forget everything you ever learned about cholesterol.

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