Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, July 16, 2001

Waverly Daze: a quiet coronation


Any community that shoots off two cannons during Memorial Day ceremony obviously has good taste and style - so it goes without saying that Waverly delivered a great time during Waverly Daze.

The construction posed relatively few problems, since the crossing at Wright County 8 was graded fairly well and contractors managed to close the gaping holes from the water main work there.

The Boosters served awesome pizza and the weather was perfect.

I left the kids at home, although they were present during the queen coronation on Sunday (they didn't try to kill each other this time, as they did during the Good Neighbor Days coronation). It was quiet.

Thieves strike the Herald parking lot

The cars parked behind the Herald office were rifled through Thursday by scumbags who lifted a CD player, four six packs of Mountain Dew, and other items.

Any tips about this thievery (or any other news tips) may be emailed to: lyndaj@cmgate.com. You may remain anonymous, unless you are a scumbag.

What's different on main street?

This week, I'm trying to think about what is different along the Howard Lake strip.

It could be me, but the 750 metric ton backhoe parked at the east end of town, creeping ever closer, is probably what stands out in my mind.

Did you know that the water main work in Waverly was twice as deep as what the water main in Howard Lake will be? It's all because of elevation, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation people. Howard Lake's will only be about 12 feet deep, compared to Waverly's 22 feet or more, which will speed up the process, we hope.

Another interesting thing about construction that I learned is that drivers are more likely to be held up during construction than after hours.

Theoretically, you might end up stuck at the end of the Tom Thumb driveway, waiting for some guy to finish doing something for half an hour, whereas contractors are required to leave access behind when they go home at night.

We're just too busy, even for our own kids

It was a sad thing to hear about the four-month old who was accidentally left in the van by his father and died.

Unfortunately, we are all too busy even to care for our own children, or so it seems.

Perhaps an idea would be to disable the air bag and move newborn babies to the front area so that forgetful, busy parents will not leave little ones behind.

What's next? Forget about God?

I think we need to slow down and remember the important things in our lives - God and family.

Likely stuck in bed

Right now, I'm stuck in bed recovering from my lower-back surgery. I ruptured a disc and am recuperating at home in Dassel.

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