Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, July 23, 2001

This is it; the wolf is at the door and the construction has begun


Well, this is it. The wolf is at the door - and construction is finally here.

No use looking for something different on main street - the bowels of Howard Lake will be rent asunder and strewn all over the place.

Even now, the image of Waverly with a huge gash down its middle is stuck in my mind. It looked like an Peruvian earthquake for the longest time, with heavy machinery moving about.

Contractors will be milling (removing) the old blacktop first in Howard Lake, then digging through the concrete foundation of the street to reach the water main, which lies 12 feet below.

Howard Lake will have its water main replaced. This is such an intelligent decision, even though it costs a little bit of money, because trying to fix an old water main by digging patches through a perfectly good highway (one that put the city through a summer of agony to build in the first place) is a bad idea.

It weakens the road. We don't want to go through this again any sooner than we have to.

Time to gird ourselves with good manners and try to use an extra measure of patience. It makes things move along.

Time to stick a fork in summer, 'cuz it's done

Call me a pessimist, but as soon as the Fourth of July hits, I say the summer is over with.

Even now, I feel like buying school supplies for the kids.

In two weeks, the "dog days of summer" will commence. The Wright County Fair is right around the corner. Then it's back to school, then fall; and then you're buying Christmas gifts. Before we know it, we'll be looking at a new year.

The garden of 1,000 weeds in Dassel

Right now, I'm recuperating from the lower back surgery that I had last week.

As I speak, there are 1,000 weeds perculating in my garden. OK, so I called it the "Garden of 1,000 weeds" last year, too. So what.

Hopefully, I will be able to return to my garden and weed once again.

I forgot someone

When I mentioned my family a few weeks ago, I forgot to list our dog, Doc. He is a miniature daschund (see picture). He is unusual for a daschund, in that he loves children and people. He is very sweet natured, but deaf as a post (well, not really that bad). He is a worthless watch dog.

Doc is on the verge of speech most of the time. Remember "Buttercup?" Doc is another animal that thinks he's a person.

Doc is a beautiful, rich brown color. Brian, my husband, says he would make a nice pair of gloves.

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