Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Aug. 13, 2001

The fashion dinosaur goes back to school


It's time to open our wallets for back-to-school clothes.

My husband is so tight he squeaks, and so I've been trying to space out the purchases over time.

Although the money part is painful, it's worse when you have a daughter who finally reaches the age of fashion awareness, or nine years old.

I remember as a young girl pulling bell bottoms out of the dryer to get dressed for school. These pants were so wide on the bottom that I could fit my head inside them.

As a teenager, I thought that no one would ever think this was a good idea again.

I was wrong. The rage in young people across the nation is "flairs," or what I call bell-bottom pants.

So, I brought my daughter, Latrice, to the department store for jeans last week.

Picture a little girl standing at the three-way mirror in the fitting room, dressed from head to toe in bright purple with bell-bottom purple pants. She looked like a giant purple popsicle. A glittery purple belt finished the look.

She was ecstatic (after she keelhauled me to buy it, and I agreed, following 15 minutes of nagging). She coughed up three weeks of allowance for that outfit, because she paid for half of it.

This isn't the first time I remember feeling like I left my school years far behind. I graduated in 1986 at St. Cloud Tech.

I remember last year when I walked around HLWW high school, there were tons of skinny girls running around in long shiny black pants. And of course, the bell bottoms are back.

I had to actually compose myself for a bit because it's not nice to look at people like they're crazy.

So, it's time for back to school. Remember Christmas is around the corner.

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