Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Dec. 31, 2001

It's time for New Year's Eve resolutions


All together now - we can make our New Year's resolutions all at once for the new year.

Mine are listed below. Tell me if one or more of yours are the same.

· to lose weight, being that I'm the heaviest I've ever weighed. Of course, this is not counting pregnancy, since I gained no less than 60 pounds with my 10-pound, bowling ball son.

In fact, even though my son was the smiling-est baby I've ever seen, it was quite disgusting that I actually gained weight after delivering him, instead of losing it.

I remember arguing with the nurse that it was physically impossible for me to weigh more, when I just delivered a 10-pound baby boy. It had something to do with fluid gain.

· to eat more healthy foods, being that I've grown to like seafood, chocolate, ice cream, and any other sort of rich, fatty foods.

Brian and I are actually avoiding Chinese buffets now, because we eat until we're practically unconscious at them.

Did you know that the Chinese people would never eat so many fried and fatty dishes, as what can be found at Chinese buffets? Americans eat all fried dishes and perhaps one rice dish. The Chinese diet consists of mainly rice dishes, with only one fried item on the plate.

· to walk more often. This is a toughy, since I'm the one who drives to the post office when it's three blocks away. The Herald Journal staff tease me about this incessantly.

· Be more patient with my kids. This shouldn't be too hard.

· Try to contact my family more often. It seems like life is so busy nowadays, that we hardly have time to do anything extra. I'm in survival mode most of the time, it seems like. Why is this?

· Be more faithful with the kids' Bible study reading each night. We used to do this every night, but now it's slipped to twice a week.

· Try to contact friends more often, being that I'm so darn busy with things I can't even remember doing later.

Christmas revisited

Our holiday went wonderfully. Everyone was in a good mood and we enjoyed ourselves visiting my family at Christmas Eve, and then staying at home for Christmas Day.

My husband made a recon mission for gifts for me before he purchased things this year, and must have taken notes at the time. Both of my gifts were ones that he asked me what I wanted and then bought those items to the letter.

I got a new purse, and a set of dishes. No soap! Wheeee!

They were just what I wanted. Originally, we promised each other that we'd fix the bathroom faucet with the Christmas money.

I bought him some books that he asked for. We were trying to be conservative this year. That didn't really work because we bought our kids 10 gifts each, between the two of us.

Every year, we try to back off the gift binge, but it's so darn hard to do this.

Every year, I remind myself that I only got one - at best two gifts as a kid - and remember being none the worse for wear. In fact, we had very nice Christmas gifts when I was growing up. I was thrilled with one doll.

Do our kids deserve all that we do for them? It's hard to take my own advice - knowing full well that when kids get too many things, too easy, they don't take care of them. Nothing good comes easy.

Besides that, when we buy them so many things, the bar goes up and they expect more.

Sigh. They were thankful, though. At least there's that.

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