Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, July 16, 2001

Former resident making move special effects

Former resident Dean Rasmussen is living out his dream, doing work as a digital special effects artist on several of the movies currently in theaters around the country.

Rasmussen was a 1986 graduate of Howard Lake-Waverly High School.

Dr. Doolittle II, Cats and Dogs, and Planet of the Apes are some of the movies he has recently completed work on. His current projects include Harry Potter and Scooby Doo. His biggest thrill so far has been to see his name in the credits of Dr. Doolittle II.

After working for several years at various computer jobs, Rasmussen attended a two-year course in animation at the Academy of Communication Arts in Bloomington, Minn., graduating in June 2000.

Moving to Los Angeles, his first job was at Catalyst FX, working on Nickelodeon's TV series "100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd."

When that season's work was finished, Rasmussen moved to Rhythm and Hues, a character animation and visual-effects studio in Santa Monica. This company won an Oscar for animation of the movie "Babe."

Artists spend hours creating detail-intensive images which result in convincing portrayals of animals that speak, Rasmussen said.

This is quite a different medium than the characters that Rasmussen and his cousin, Joe Hatrick, used to create out of clay and cardboard when they were in junior high.

By changing the poses for each frame of the camera, they would create stop-motion animation, much to the amusement of family and friends.

Rasmussen is the son of Pat Rasmussen, now of Buffalo, and the late David Rasmussen. He is the grandson of the late Christy and Linnea Rasmussen of Howard Lake.

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