Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, April 16, 2001

Group claims responsibility for arson attempt in Albertville

An underground group known as the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) is claiming responsibility for the recent attempted arson at the Outlets of Albertville Mall.

The attempted arson was discovered on April 2. The group faxed a "News Advisory" to many news agencies, in which it claims to have specifically targeted the Nike store in the mall, due to the corporation's use of sweatshop labor overseas and its role in globalization.

The "news advisory" sent by the ELF stated, "The ELF is an international, anonymous organization that uses direct action, in the form of economic sabotage, to stop the exploitation and destruction of the natural environment. Since 1997, in the United States alone, the ELF have caused near $40 million in damages to entities killing the environment for greed.

"Although the roof of this Nike outlet did not go up in flames as planned, this action is still a message to Nike they cannot ignore. In fact, there are only two options for Nike at this point. Option one ­ you can shut down all of your sweatshops immediately, and immediately place all assets into the communities you have stolen from. Along with this, you must close down all Nike outlets, starting with the Albertville, MN location . . .

"Option two ­ People across the globe will individually attack Nike Outlets, as well as retailers that sell Nike (including college campus shops) until Nike closes down, or adheres to demand number one."

The advisory finished by saying, "All ELF actions are non-violent towards humans and animals. But, if a building exists which perpetrates and sponsors violence towards people or animals (such as a Nike outlet, or a GAP outlet, etc.), then, by God, it's got to be burned to the ground."

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