Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, April 9, 2001

Board receives census data

It's taken almost a year and, according to the person who is in charge of such information for Wright County, it's still not official, but at the April 3 meeting of the Wright County Board, the commissioner finally got Wright County's 2000 census data.

The numbers confirmed what many believed all along - that the growth of Wright County isn't slowing down a bit. According to the census numbers, there are 89,986 people officially living in Wright County in 2000 - an increase of more than 21,000 in the last 10 years.

"The numbers are pretty much what we've expected," said Auditor/Treasurer Doug Gruber, who noted that every year the state demographer's office estimates populaton growth "We've had trouble tracking the official numbers down. We got these numbers from the StarTribune."

The figures show an explosive growth along the I-94 corridor, led by the St. Michael-Albertville area. Due, in some part, to the annexation of Frankfort Township, the population of St. Michael went from from 2,506 in 1990 to 9,099 in 2000 - an increase of 263 percent - while Albertville has grown from 1,251 people in 1990, to 3,621 in 2000 - an increase of 196 percent.

The figures will now be used to determine state reapportionment to its eight congressional districts and, when that is completed, the county will have to redivide its five commissioner districts. However, getting these numbers was a difficult process.

"It has been hard to get the official numbers because they haven't yet been listed at the census Website," Gruber said. "Because of that, we haven't been able to confirm it, yet the media has all received and reported the same numbers, so they're getting them from somewhere official."

While Gruber said the numbers are accurate and will eventually be confirmed as the offical numbers, County Coordinator Dick Norman said the figures won't be official for some time yet.

"The numbers put out will be listed as unofficial because there is an appeals process for cities and townships," Norman said. "For those who have a dispute with their population totals - there were a couple in Wright County in 1990 - the appeals process can be used to get their population right. When those appeals are done or the time passes, the numbers will become official."

Here is a listing of the cities and townships in Wright County, and the increase or decrease in population over the last 10 years (it should be noted that the cities of Hanover and Rockford are incomplete because they are located in both Wright and Hennepin counties and the breakdown of population by county was unavailable.)


Albertville 3,621 (+2,370)

Annandale 2,684 (+570)

Buffalo 10,097 (+3,241)

Clearwater 858 (+261)

Cokato 2,727 (+547)

Delano 3,837 (+1,128)

Howard Lake 1,853 (+510)

Maple Lake 1,633 (+239)

Monticello 7,868 (+2,823)

Montrose 1,143 (+135)

Otsego 6,389 (+1,170)

St. Michael 9,099 (+6,593)

South Haven 204 (+11)

Waverly 732 (+132)


Albion 1,146 (+25)

Buffalo 1,938 (-148)

Chatham 1,162 (+304)

Clearwater 1,368 (+212)

Cokato 1,238 (+138)

Corinna 2,457 (+464)

Franklin 2,774 (+32)

French Lake 1,130 (+185)

Maple Lake 2,128 (+299)

Marysville 2,097 (+258)

Middleville 925 (-92)

Monticello 4,139 (+262)

Rockford 3,444 (+64)

Silver Creek 2,332 (+497)

Southside (+335)

Stockholm 805 (+33)

Victor 1,069 (-14)

Woodland 1,137 (+46)

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