Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Nov. 19, 2001

New Winsted business offers marketing services to churches

By Lynda Jensen

Snap and polish are what Kim Bachman of Winsted gives to Christian churches across the United States and around the world.

Bachman is owner of a new downtown business, C2 Marketing, Inc., which took up residence in the old theater building near the four way stop in downtown Winsted.

C2 Marketing's is a business that offers church marketing through something called the Church Ad Project, Bachman said.

The business serves the spectrum of Christian faiths, including Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Episcopal, and numerous others, she said.

The Church Ad Project creates advertising slogans and marketing support materials for churches including newspaper ads, posters, post cards and radio spots, she said.

These campaigns offer upbeat, contemporary Christian messages, as well as those that are more traditional. They also offer direct mail messages for fundraising, recruitment of new members, and communication with an existing congregation.

The Christian Ad Project was started 23 years ago by George and Caroline Martin of Rosemount. The couple recently retired, turning over the reigns to Bachman, she said.

Over the years, the Church Ad Project has provided advertising materials to more than 9,000 churches and organizations, Bachman said.

In fact, Bachman just finished sending posters to a minister in Bosnia, who is tending American troops in that country, she said. She makes shipments weekly to Canada and other countries around the world.

The primary concept of the Church Ad Project is to offer advertising for churches of all sizes and denominations. The ads are frequently converted into billboards or used in television spots. She also has a series of 60 second radio advertisements, ready to use for churches. "They are popular with youth groups," she said.

Bachman is the only staff member at the Winsted office. Other members of the business are her husband, Scott, and freelancers across the US. "If I can't do it, I will find someone who can," she said.

Her normal business hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The business' web site is

Bachman has spent the last eight years being a full-time mother and working part time on a bi-monthly children's activity magazine called Surprises.

With this new business, she is still trying to stay a mom, since the couple have three children, Taylor, 10, Alex, 8, and Grant, 5.

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