Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, June 4, 2001

Marvin Decker runner-up for Wright County outstanding senior citizen award

Marvin Decker is 76 years young and a wonderful volunteer for the community of Waverly area. Marvin is an active member of Senior Citizens in Waverly.

He serves on the various committees and has served as their president. He is also a member of the Montrose Senior Citizens and helps to raise funds. Marvin is a retired truck driver, owning his own truck and now hauls used clothing every spring and fall to the McDonough House in St. Paul.

Marvin was an active volunteer fire man in the Waverly Volunteer Fire Department for 24 years. Marvin is a active member of his church and helps the church in many ways from cleaning to other needed help. Marvin is an active member in the Knights of Columbus (KCs).

About eight years ago when the KCs build a new building, Marvin volunteered over 100 hours with the building. He continues to mow the lawn, rake and help keep up the boulevard during the summer.

For three years he helped cut and transport the Christmas trees from the Brainerd area to raise funds. For the past four years he has helped at the Winstock Festival at Winsted for volunteering for the weekend.

Marvin has helped with home delivered meals over the past 10 years by being a volunteer driver for the meals when needed.

Marvin helps the DNR with Joe Woitalla Day for fourth graders at Waverly school. He helps the children with safety, throwing out the lines, helping to bait the hooks, and remove fish.

As a matter of fact, Marvin loves to fish and share his catch with friends and neighbors. He also has a very large garden and shares his harvest with the seniors and this is very appreciated. Anna Hohag, president of the Waverly seniors, nominated Marvin and states he has "always been a willing and cheerful helper by quietly helping out when asked or when he sees a need for his neighbor or community."

The outstanding seniors and runners-up will be honored at the afternoon program at the Wright County Fair Friday, Aug. 3, in Howard Lake.

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