Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Aug. 6, 2001

Farewell from outgoing Winsted royalty

Miss Winsted Dana Mochinski

As my reign comes to an end, I realize more and more what this past year has meant to me.

When we first started going to parades, the adrenaline rush I would feel when people would be smiling and shouting, "Hey Winsted," or "Way to go Winstock!" was unforgettable. Every parade we went to, the more shouts we would receive, and they would always be paired with a smile from the spectator.

Each time somebody yelled "Winsted," my head turned in excitement.

Even on my more informal days as Miss Winsted, I would see the enthusiasm from other communities for Winsted.

My sincere appreciation goes out to you, the community of Winsted, for showing such care and love to everybody you have encountered.

It has been my privilege to represent this beautiful town, and more than ever, I can say that I have never had more pride in my hometown than I have had this past year as your Miss Winsted 2001.

Winsted Princess Katie Neumann

I would like to give my appreciation to the community of Winsted for granting me the honor and privilege of representing our city as the 2000-2001 princess.

Being an ambassador this past year has given me the opportunity to meet many people from surrounding towns, as well as share my pride in the community of Winsted with others.

While talking with other royalty, I have come to realize what a unique community we have, and how lucky I am to be a part of it. The experiences and friends that I have encountered this past year I will never forget ,and will take with me through out my life.

The people of Winsted should be very proud of everyone and everything that our town has to offer.

Miss Congeniality, Laura Ollig

I never though I could have as much fun representing my town as I did this past year.

But this year could not have been possible without the efforts of quite a few people. Everyone that has helped us has been very appreciated!

I would like to send a special note of appreciation to our queen's committee. I know we don't realize how much time and effort you put in scheduling all of our events and helping with so much more. You girls are great and will never be forgotten.

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