Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Sept. 3, 2001

Teams begin season with football games Friday

By Patrice Waldron

The official start of football season was Monday, Aug.13, the first day coaches are allowed to have contact with players, according to Minnesota State High School League rules.

The Holy Trinity coaching staff consists of a few people who have a lot of experience. Head Coach Jim Brown brings more than 25 years of coaching experience to the field. Assisting Brown are veterans Tony Kielkucki, Jeff Hoernemann, and Rob Neumann.

Brown stated that there are 26 players on the roster are made up of 13 or 14 varsity, mostly juniors and seniors. Many players have been with the team three years.

"Having 30 players is really a good amount, but 26 is all right. We're just always hoping for more," Brown said.

"The experience is there, it's just a matter of getting the job done," he concluded.

When the team suits up for Friday's game, it will be at 7 p.m. at home against Eden Valley-Watkins. Their opponent is pretty respectable team from a school one class higher than Holy Trinity.

We've been 0-3 against them the last three times we've met. Two of those games were close, where it could've gone either way. We're hoping to start the year off with a win.

Other conference teams that could put up a good fight are: Concordia Academy, Maple Lake, Mayer Lutheran, St. Croix Lutheran, and Lester Prairie.

"It's a pretty tough schedule, there will be few breathers if any," Brown said.

On a separate note, Brown mentioned that Holy Trinity has recently been accepted in the Minnesota Christian Athletic Association (MCAA) for sports other than football.

The change in conferences is due to the fact that the Tri-Valley Conference will disband at the end of this year.

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