Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Dec. 24, 2001

Testing confirms fungus at HL library

Testing revealed fungus in the southeastern corner of the Howard Lake Public Library, administrative assistant Kelly Bahn told the Howard Lake City Council Tuesday.

Although it is not an airborne fungus, it could become airborne because it is located near an air intake, Bahn said.

The firm that tested the library recommended the following:

· to replace the entire carpeting and padding, and sanitize its concrete base,

· to test or replace four feet of plaster board on two walls in the southeast corner. Although it is not known if the fungus invaded the walls, the city may opt skip the testing and remove the plasterboard anyway, since the testing would add to cost, Bahn said.

· to clean and sanitize ductwork,

· to replace the water damaged book return,

· to replace or restore water damaged book shelves in that area,

· to wash the walls with a bleach solution. and then painted,

· and to maintain a regular maintenance of furnace filters and HVAC inspections.

The city temporarily tabled the matter to investigate the affects of detergent used for cleaning the ducts.

Bahn was instructed to return to the council with a revised bid to include cleaning of the liquor store ductwork.

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