Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Nov. 19, 2001

Girls get involved in cleaning up the neighborhood

By Lynda Jensen

Two pairs of muddy old gloves, empty cups of coffee, and potato chip bags were a just a sample of things that Maggie Schaal, 11, and her friend Kelsye Jones, 11, picked up alongside the road.

The girls, who are neighbors in Howard Lake, were supposed to be playing, but instead Schaal got the idea to clean up along the road.

"I thought they went out to play, but after a while, I wondered where they went," Schaal's mother, Michelle, said. She found them, busy picking up garbage, she said.

The girls picked up along the road in front of their house, and a small section of Highway 12.

There was plenty to do, Schaal said. The girls divided up duties - Schaal picked up empty pop cans and bottles. Jones picked up candy wrappers, plastic, and small plastics, she said. They also picked up cigarette butts.

The job took them an hour, and filling three garbage bags full of junk, they said.

Both girls expressed the desire to keep their neighborhood clean, and expressed concern for the environment. "I wanted to pick up the town," Maggie said.

Earlier that day, Schaal had been picking up the area in Waverly by the railroad bridge as part of her sixth grade class' effort to clean up near Humphrey Elementary, where the girls go to school.

Jones is the daughter of Bobbi Jones of Howard Lake.

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