Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 2, 2001

National Guernsey Association convention visits LP dairy farm

By Gail Lipe

The Minnesota Guernsey Breeders Association hosted the annual National Guernsey Association convention this year, which included a visit to a local farm.

Donna Anderson, of Up The Creek Farm in Lester Prairie, said there are only a few herds of Guernsey cows left in the state. Approximately 50 families are active in the state Guernsey organization, but only one-half still have cows.

Anderson is the vice president of the Minnesota Guernsey Breeders Association and helped organize the national convention this year.

The convention, based at the Park Inn and Suites in Shakopee, began on June 22 and ran until June 25. Anderson said over 300 people from all over the country participated in the event.

Farm visits on Saturday began with breakfast and a tour at Fritsche Farms in New Ulm. From there, people headed to the Anderson farm for lunch and a walking tour.

Later in the afternoon, people visited the Tom and Jodi Luebke farm in Mayer.

Up The Creek Farm received its name in 1975, but the farm has been in the Anderson family for over 100 years. David Anderson is the fifth generation of his family to farm the land. Milking Guernsey cows has been part of the operation since 1950.

Donna Anderson said she grew up around Guernsey cows in Illinois. Her family added Guernsey cows to its farming operation in the 1940s.

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