Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 16, 2001

Stolen vehicle report results in police finding man dead

By Gail Lipe

Douglas Owen Harmer, 20, of Columbia Heights, was found dead at a residence in Glencoe on Saturday, July 7.

The cause of death is under coroner investigation, but it appeared to be a drug overdose, authorities said.

The Glencoe Police Department received a call that a 1978 black Pontiac Trans Am had been stolen from Kent Everett Harmer by his son, Douglas Harmer. He said the vehicle may be at Tom and Olive Pinske's house at 919 Queen Ave.

According to Glencoe Police Chief Wes Olson, an officer spotted the vehicle in the garage at that address. He said the police department had found out that Douglas Harmer had problems with police officers, and had previously threatened that there would be problems if he saw any.

Douglas Harmer had been convicted of armed robbery in May, in which he used a sawed off shotgun. He also broke into a veterinary office and stole medications.

The Pinskes were on a motorcycle trip up north and could not be reached, but the police department found out that there were high powered rifles in the house. Olson said that was why the tactical unit was called and the perimeter was secured. Adjacent apartment buildings also were evacuated.

When the officers entered the house, they found Douglas Harmer dead.

Olson said the coroner is investigating the death, but told the officers at the scene that it appeared he had been dead for 12 to 15 hours. That was why there was no response when the officers tried to contact him.

He said the death is being called an unattended death at this time.

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